Types of Business Management Degrees

Whether you intend to apply for a managerial position in a company or intend to run your own business, a degree in business management can prove very helpful. In fact, this type of degree is mandatory if you intend to apply for a job that involves business administration. There are different types of business management degrees offered by many institutes, colleges and universities. For an entry level management position, you must have a business management degree at undergraduate level. If you intend to apply to a senior position then you must have a graduate level degree. There are a few business management degrees that are very popular among students.

General Business

This is the most popular business management course that is offered by almost every university that offers MBA education. The course involves learning various aspects of business. You will learn how to manage and operate a business. The course prepares you for the managerial position. Subjects include team building, employee management and developing leadership qualities.


In any business, the person responsible for marketing holds lots of importance. Marketing is not limited only to sales management; it also involves managing advertising, public relation, and coordinating sales aspect of the business with other departments of the company. Under this subject, you will learn how to find what consumers need with the help of market research. A marketing manager is responsible for increasing sales and providing market feedback to different departments of the company.


This position demands very high discipline. The person must have an eye for detail and be accurate with data. Individuals with strong background in finance subject can expect good employment opportunities in banks, financial institutions and finance departments of companies. There is strong demand in investment banking for candidates who have this degree.

Information Technology

It is difficult to find a business nowadays that does not use information technology products and services. Candidates with a degree in IT business management are high in demand in all companies. Large organizations are highly dependent on critical information technology systems. They are required to keep record of their employees, suppliers and consumers in a secure way. They have to make data available to authorized individuals in real time. This type of system cannot be managed without the help of qualified professionals who are specialists in their field of information technology.


Similar to general business management, accounting is also the most popular business management degree. There are strict laws related to financial management of a company. Companies that fail to comply with accounting guidelines can be punished severely by government departments. Poor accounting practices lead to inefficient working of the company. At the same time, students interested in obtaining a degree in accounting business management must have an aptitude for this subject.

There are many bridging courses as well that help you access various job opportunities. You can combine one subject with another to specialize in more than one subject. For example, you can study both marketing and business management. This makes it easier to land a job that offers better salary and perks. Such types of business management degrees are beneficial even to existing employees who want to be promoted to a higher position.

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