Types of Engineering Degrees

There are numerous career options available out there that you can choose from. In most cases, the career path an individual decides to follow will be determined by their interests. For the individuals who are scientifically and mathematically minded, a career in engineering would be one the best choices. There are a number of college degrees linked to engineering and the list below will help you select your most preferred option to pursue.

Civil Engineering

This is a form of engineering that focuses on infrastructure development and may include design, repairs as well as project management.


This form of engineering involves space study and the movement of objects through it as well as the related technologies. It comprises of both military and commercial aircraft designs as well as satellite technology to mention just but a few.


Bio-medical engineering involves the study of biology as well as medicine. This will involve the development of diagnostic technology that deals with imaging, prosthetic as well as medical instruments.


This type of engineering degree basically deals with the study of mechanics and organisms and how they both relate and come together to solve various problems.

Petroleum Engineering

This form of engineering deals with locating and best extraction techniques of gas as well as oil from underneath the earth.

Chemical Engineering

This deals with chemistry and its practical application. This might involve the development of technology or effective machinery used for problem solving by making use of chemical reactions.

Computer Engineering

The information and technology industry is fast expanding. Computer engineering deals with computer sciences as well as electrical engineering. In this field, graduates may take up different roles that may include telecommunications, manufacturing as well as the development of software.

Electrical Engineering

This degree deals with the study of energy which can either be electrical, hydro as well as natural energy sources that may include wind and solar.


Environmental engineering deals with the study of engineering and scientific principles and coming up with various ways of improving the environment.


This degree involves the marine industry and the advancement of ocean technology which includes power generation of various marine transportation such as; boats and ships.


Mining engineering deals with the practical aspect, theory, science, technology as well as the extraction and mineral processing from their natural environment.


This form of engineering deals with nonliving items with moving parts. Car engines, fans as well as power tools all require the involvement of mechanical engineers in various processes including design.

Nuclear Engineering

The graduates in this field usually work either indirectly or directly within the industry that deals with nuclear power. This may include the study of nuclear fuels, cycles, progressive reactor designs as well as maintenance.

Industrial Engineering

This field of engineering deals with the total improvement of intricate procedures or systems.

With all the mentioned types of engineering degrees, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the different degrees before choosing your area of interest as you continue to further your studies.

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