Types of Kinesiology Degrees

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, performance and function and is in many universities considered part of the Health Science Department. There are several types of kinesiology degrees that are available to a student who is interested in analyzing the movement of the human or animal body.

An individual with a kinesiology degree will learn about anatomy, biomechanics, human physiology, psychology and neuroscience in the course of their studies. As a university degree course of study it focuses on teaching a student how to enhance the physical performance of an individual, how to identify muscle weaknesses and what exercises and actions can be used to strengthen these areas and it provides some of the essential background that a student must have about how the human body operates if a student wants to pursue more advanced studying about the science of how the human body moves on a post-graduate academic level.

A kinesiology is a degree that will help an individual understand to what extent the human body can move and how and this is a skill that is in great value both in the academic and professional settings. Some of the speciality fields that one can focus on if they receive a kinesiology degree are biomedicine, education, and the fitness and health industry.

Areas of Study in Kinesiology

Biomedical Field

A person with a kinesiology degree who works in this field will be looking for new medical and technological advancements that can help people better comprehend how the body moves. The is a wide range of jobs available such as working in laboratories. Another very popular career for individuals with a kinesiology degree is helping patients with prosthetics. This is a very rewarding career as an individual will educate individuals with prosthetic limbs on how to use their new arms and legs and also how to care for them.

A kinesiology degree also provides the knowledge of how the human body moves that enables an individual to work as a supplier and consultant for medical equipment companies and also for pharmaceutical companies as both a sales representative and consultant.

A second specialty field that a person with a kinesiology degree could work in is Education.


An individual can obtain their Masters and Phd in Education and use the study of kinesiology to become a Professor. As an educator there are numerous jobs available at the university and collegiate level as the study of how the human body moves and how this knowledge aids the rehabilitation of injuries suffered in the workplace has become a very popular and desired course of study.

The study of kinesiology and those with this degree have career options that extend beyond the walls of academia as a person can also work in the area of Fitness and Health.

Fitness and Health

A kinesiologist is of great value to fitness companies and medical rehabilitation centres as they are able to provide guidance on how people can help prevent their own injuries and teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the best personal trainers and athletic coaches in the world are kinesiologists or have a background in kinesiology. These individuals are able to help their clients who in many situations are professional athletes such as swimmers, runners, dancers, basketball players and even football players use their bodies in a more efficient manner. The ability of a kinesiologist to not only identify the weak part of an athlete’s body but also devise exercises that will strengthen the body part have made some kinesiologists an invaluable part of a professional athlete’s fitness team.

A degree in kinesiology will provide an individual with great knowledge about the science of how the body moves and can be a great first step toward a career as an educator, researcher or trainer.

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